Video: Jessi Combs’ Land-Speed Record Attempt, Video Before Fatal Crash

Jessi Combs' Land-Speed Record Attempt, Video Before Fatal Crash

Video: Jessi Combs’ Land-Speed Record Attempt, Video Before Fatal Crash

RACE TO HER DEATH: Jessi Combs’ last ride caught in video demonstrating ‘quickest lady on four wheels’ prior seconds she was killed in Jetcar speed record crash

The “Quickest Woman on Four Wheels” was going at an amazingly fantastic speed for well over a moment – without any indications of issue – just before her deadly jetcar crashed.

This video of Jessi Combs’ last ride above- gotten by TMZ – demonstrates the expert racer totally flying over the Alvord Desert in Oregon a week ago as she endeavored to break the land-speed record she’d recently set in 2016.

Jessi Combs' Land-Speed Record Attempt, Video Before Fatal Crash
Jessi Combs’ Land-Speed Record Attempt, Video Before Fatal Crash

Not long after this recording closes, the vehicle began to fall to pieces. As we announced, Combs’ stream fueled vehicle slammed and slaughtered her. Photographs of the destruction demonstrate the 56-foot-long stream vehicle – called the North American Eagle – was obliterated with just a couple of parts even conspicuous after the horrendous mishap.

As indicated by the Harney County Sheriff’s Office … the reason for the accident is as yet obscure and under scrutiny.

Alongside setting land-speed records that earned Jessi her moniker – she was a TV character with striking appearances on “MythBusters” and “Overhaulin’.”

She was 39.

Jessi was attempting to break the ladies’ property speed record of 512 mph (823 kph) set in 1976 by Kitty O’Neil.


In one of her last online life posts, Jessi even indicated she was attempting to crush the record by more than 100mph.

“It might appear to be somewhat insane to walk straightforwardly into the line of discharge,” she inscribed a dose of her strolling towards her stream motor moved vehicle.

“The individuals who are ready, are the individuals who accomplish incredible things. Individuals state I’m insane. I state much obliged.”

She at that point incorporated various hashtags including “quickest lady on earth”, “gottabreak512”, “aimingfor619” and “currentlyat483”.

The TV character had set her own territory speed record in a four-wheeled vehicle when she hit 398 mph in 2013.

She proceeded to break that mark, beating 483 mph in resulting follow-up runs, however those endeavors were not viewed as official in light of mechanical issues, Autoblog detailed.

In the weeks prior to her demise, Jessi had appeared to be amped up for the possibility of establishing another precedent.

“At times I just gotta drive the commotion out, turn my head, and get the opportunity to work,” she subtitled one Instagram picture.

“Huge things happening…hopefully super-quick things.”

In an announcement, Jessi’s family said her “most eminent dream was being the quickest lady on Earth.”

The previous Mythbusters host had vied for the North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger group, which she participated in 2013.

Cops are currently examining what caused her 56ft-long, 52,000-torque “stream vehicle” – named the North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger – to crash.

The New York Post detailed that agents are attempting to recuperate workstations from the vehicle — so they could discover what turned out badly.

“They’re trusting that the group will recuperate the [engine and systems] data put away on the inboard PCs,” said Lt. Brian Needham of the Harney County Sheriff’s Office.

He said “there was a flame included” yet was not able say whether Combs’ vehicle hit something to cause the blast.


Jessi’s accomplice Terry Madden affirmed her demise on August 28 of every a grievous Instagram post.

He expressed: “Tragically we lost her yesterday in an awful mishap, I was the first there and trust me we did everything humanly conceivable to spare her!!

“I have never cherished or been adored by anybody as much as this astounding lady she was genuinely my unicorn and I appreciated each and every moment that I had with her.

“She was the most astonishing soul that I have ever or will ever know.

“I’m not alright yet she is directly here propping me up. I made her a guarantee that if this turned out poorly that I would ensure and do great with it.”

South Dakota-conceived Jessi had constantly longed for being a hustling vehicle driver.

Subsequent to moving on from WyoTech in Wyoming with a degree in Custom Automotive Fabrication, she investigated professions in TV.

She facilitated car appears, including Xtreme 4×4, Overhaulin’, Truck U, and Two Guys Garage.

Brushes had additionally showed up as a host and developer on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters.

May her soul rest in perfect peace- Amen

Sport: Racecar driver Jessi Combs dies in crash trying to break her own record


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