Houston Lawyer Ronny Krist Charged for Slapping Plaintiff’s Attorney Before Deposition

A lawyer for Ronny Krist said the 83-year-old “deservedly slapped the poop” out of another lawyer for being rude, Law.com reports.

Houston lawyer Ronald “Ronny” Krist was accused of offense attack a week ago for slapping an offended party’s lawyer before a testimony.

Krist, resigned individual damage lawyer who established the Krist Law Firm, is blamed for slapping litigator Greg Enos while visiting Enos’ office for a statement. Surveillance camera film and a police report recorded the episode.

Enos, proprietor of The Enos Law Firm in Webster, was speaking to Jessica Vickery, who is suing Krist and two other Houston lawyers, Richard Morrison and Roy Mease, over a 45% unexpected lawyer expense they charged on annuity installments her mom won in a 1994 separation body of evidence against Baytown legal advisor Glenn Vickery. Jessica Vickery’s mom paid her lawyers $6.5 million somewhere in the range of 1995 and 2017.

Krist’s lawyers were planned to take Jessica Vickery’s statement Aug. 21, and Krist went along to tune in.

Krist bacome famous in legitimate circles by recouping multimillion-dollar settlements and decisions in prominent cases, including claims brought by groups of space explorers slaughtered in the Apollo 1 flame and the space transport Challenger blast.

In the reconnaissance video, Enos rises up out of an entryway into a corridor. Krist, wearing a blue-and-white designed shirt, strolls down the passage toward Enos, trailed by his attorney and child, Scott Krist. Ronny Krist stops before Enos and shakes a finger at him a few times while conversing with Enos. A few seconds after the fact, Ronny Krist smacks Enos over the face.

Enos doesn’t indicate much response. The pair seem to speak for around 20 seconds, flanked by Scott Krist. Around 30 seconds after the slap, Enos leaves them down the foyer.

As indicated by an Aug. 21 episode report by the Webster Police Department, four officials reacted to a report of an attack at Enos’ law office around 1 p.m. They addressed Enos and accumulated data about the episode. Officials at that point talked with Ronny Krist.

Police accused Krist of class C offense attack by contact, which conveys a most extreme fine of $500 and no correctional facility time.

Scott Krist, proprietor of the Krist Law Firm in Houston, said Enos made “deceitful claims” in Vickery’s appeal that are “completely inaccurate.”

Video- Houston Lawyer Ronny Krist Charged for Slapping Plaintiff's Attorney Before Deposition
Ronald Krist.

“Mr. Enos toward the start of this claim reached Ronny and was exceptionally ill bred,” Scott Krist said. “Originating from that telephone call, he’s kept being ill bred.”

Enos said he can’t review saying anything ill bred in a telephone call with Ronny Krist around five or a half year prior.

Just before the slap, Ronny Krist defied Enos and cautioned him not to be insolent once more, or “I’m going to slap the poop out of you,” reviewed Scott Krist.

Enos recalls the remark in an unexpected way. He said Ronny Krist said “he would beat me down,” and Enos answered, “I might want to witness that.”

Scott Krist stated, “Mr. Enos, as opposed to saying ‘sorry’ for having caused him to see the discussion that way, rather stated, ‘I wish you would attempt,’ and 83-year-old Ronny Krist slapped the poo out of him, and deservedly so.”

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Enos, a family law lawyer, shared that he has managed a lot of furious disputants—unpleasant divorced people and guardians losing care of their youngsters. Be that as it may, this is the first run through a prosecutor at any point struck him, Enos said. Ronny Krist’s slap was difficult, and gave him a little cut on the back of his head, said Enos, who got it originated from a ring on Krist’s finger.

“The slap was extremely boisterous,” he said. “Individuals 30 feet away heard it.”

Enos said that the episode happened so quick that he never got an opportunity to meet Krist’s legal advisors.

“His legal advisors appeared to be delighted by what he did. On the off chance that my customer did that, I think I’d resent my customer, and to attempt to intercede in the interest of the legal counselor,” he said. “When I said I was calling the police, they in all respects insightfully got their customer out of there, so he couldn’t be captured on the spot.”

Enos included that he dropped Vickery’s affidavit as a result of Ronny Krist’s conduct.

“It frightened her,” he clarified.

He said he plans to reschedule the statement inside a town hall that has security monitors accessible. Enos additionally plans to record a grumbling against Krist with the State Bar of Texas, and Krist’s attack may come up in Vickery’s suit.

Video- Houston Lawyer Ronny Krist Charged for Slapping Plaintiff's Attorney Before Deposition
Greg Enos, The Enos Law Firm.

“The judge of the case including him and Ms. Vickery will need to settle on certain choices about his direct, and security,” Enos said.

Be that as it may, Scott Krist said he’s not stressed over those kinds of results. He said that Ronny Krist isn’t heartbroken, and he remains behind the slap.

“Mr. Enos got what he merited,” Scott Krist said. “He affected the circumstance by being impolite in any case, and afterward picking a second-grade insult, ‘I wish to see you attempt.'”

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