Video: Amber Rudd on why she has left the cabinet

Amber Rudd resigns from UK cabinet, says she can’t support Boris Johnson’s ‘political vandalism’

Amber Rudd, the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, resigned Saturday in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying she could not support his handling of Brexit.

In a move that will rock the government, the work and pensions secretary says she is quitting because there is “no evidence” Johnson is really seeking a deal with the European Union – despite claims that it is his priority.

Amber Rudd on why she has left the cabinet , Watch the video below

Rudd wrote that she was resigning from Cabinet and surrendering the Conservative Whip because she could not support his decision to ban 21 members from the Conservative Party for voting to stop his no-deal Brexit plan.

Rudd had been home secretary from July 2016 to April 2018. She previously served in the government as secretary of state for energy and climate change, parliamentary under secretary of state for climate change and assistant government whip.

Rudd has been a member of Parliament since 2010, though she won her constituency in Hastings and Rye by only a few hundred votes in 2017.

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‘Political vandalism’

Rudd, also a former Interior Minister, went on to criticise Johnson for sacking 21 Conservative lawmakers from the party earlier this week after they ignored the whip and voted against the government to back a bill that would prevent the country from leaving the EU without a deal on October 31.

She described “the culling” as “an assault on decency and democracy” and said it “has stripped the Party of broad-minded and dedicated Conservative MPs.”

“I cannot support this act of political vandalism,” she wrote.

Euronews has contacted Downing Street for a comment.

Boris Johnson’s difficult week

Rudd’s resignation capped an extraordinary week in British politics during which the new leader suffered several bruising parliamentary defeats and the resignation of his own brother, Jo Johnson, as MP and minister for science and universities.

Opposition lawmakers, aided by rebel Conservative MPs, fast-tracked a legislation to prevent a hard Brexit and then rejected Johnson’s call for an early election.

The bill was then passed by the Lords on Friday evening and is expected to become law on Monday when it is given Royal Assent.

‘Broken’ politics

Ian Lavery, an MP from the main opposition Labour party, said Rudd’s resignation demonstrates that “the Prime Minister has run out of authority in record time and his Brexit plan has been exposed as a sham.”

“No one trusts Boris johnson. Not his Cabinet, not his MPs, not even his own brother,” he added.

Video: Amber Rudd on why she has left the cabinet
Video: Amber Rudd on why she has left the cabinet

Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in Westminster, said that Rudd’s departure from cabinet signalled that “Boris Johnson’s Tory government is on the verge of collapse — with no majority, no mandate, and no right to pursue its reckless plans to impose an extreme Brexit.”

“When so many senior Tories cannot abide the actions of this right-wing, extreme Brexit government — the question is why on earth should Scotland be expected to?,” he added.

Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats party, which on Saturday welcomed former Labour and Change UK MP Angela Smith in its ranks, said that “Amber Rudd’s resignation is yet another blow to Boris Johnson and his reckless plans to crash the country out of Europe without a deal.”

“His disregard for the country’s interest and those who are meant to be his colleagues is symbolic of how broken our politics has become,” she also said.