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SURPRISING UPSETS: Patriots’ Week 17 loss to Dolphins costs one bettor nearly $75K (Video)

Patriots' Week 17 loss to Dolphins costs one bettor nearly $75K (Video) - busitechnews

SURPRISING UPSETS: Patriots’ Week 17 loss to Dolphins costs one bettor nearly $75K (Video)

As it stands at the moment, Many people were feeling the bad effects of the Patriots stunning defeat

In one of the more surprising upsets of the 2019 season, the Miami Dolphins came back to defeat the New England  in Week 17. That certainly caught quite a few people off-guard, including bettors in Las Vegas.

According to Action Network’s Darren Rovell, one bettor wagered $74,430 on the Patriots to beat the Dolphins against a minus-1600 money line.

VIDEO: Dolphins vs. Patriots Week 17 Highlights | NFL 2019

Needless to say, the bettor was extremely confident that the Patriots would come away with the victory. Instead, the Dolphins shocked the world with a 27-24 win..

In addition, the Dolphins loss ruined two five-team, $100,000 parlays at MGM Sports Books. Some smaller ones also felt the impact of Miami’s win.

The Patriots didn’t exactly have a ton of things go their way early on as they fell into a 10-0 hole. Eric Rowe picked off a Tom Brady pass and returned it for a touchdown to give the Dolphins the double-digit advantage.

New England did hold a 24-20 late in the final quarter before the magic of Ryan Fitzpatrick made an appearance.

Fitzpatrick led the Dolphins on a 75-yard drive in the final minutes that ended with a touchdown reception in the back of the end zone courtesy of Mike Gesicki.

The loss had serious implications of not just bettors, but the Pats as well. It caused the Patriots to miss out on a first-round playoff bye.

The Kansas City Chiefs ended up securing a No. 3 seed in the process and now New England will face the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card round.

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In the gambling world, no matter how one-sided a matchup may feel, there’s no such thing as a sure thing.

VIDEO: Patriots loss to Dolphins was the biggest upset in the NFL in 20 years | NFL

Despite the lost, The Patriots are the NFL’s team of the decade, and it’s not even close

With five Super Bowl trips, three championships, 10 division titles *and* nine playoff byes, the Patriots’ success during the 2010s was unprecedented by almost any measure.

In the last decade, only the Buccaneers and Browns failed to play a game during the NFL’s Wild Card Weekend. That accomplishment encapsulated those two teams’ futility: they combined for 101-219 record, a winning percentage of .316, and just two winning seasons from 2010 through 2019.

A third team nearly joined them, though there was nothing futile about the Patriots.

Unlike the Browns and Bucs — who have playoff droughts dating back to 2002 and 2007, respectively — the Patriots made the postseason every year of the 2010s. They were so good that they earned a bye in each of the last nine posteasons, never playing until the Divisional Round.

It could have been 10 straight, but the 12-4 Patriots were kicked out of the No. 2 seed in the AFC by a Week 17 loss to the Dolphins. This year, they have to be happy with their 11th straight AFC East title.

Patriots' Week 17 loss to Dolphins costs one bettor nearly $75K (Video)

The Patriots won 125 regular-season games during the 2010s, and were one of five NFL teams to average double-digit victories per season. New England appeared in more Super Bowls (5) and won more championships (3) than the other four franchises combined, with this season’s playoffs still to come.

Best NFL teams of the 2010s

Team W-L Win % Playoffs Super Bowls Titles
Patriots 125-35 0.781 10 5 3
Packers 102-56-2 0.644 8 1 1
Steelers 102-57-1 0.641 6 1 0
Seahawks 100-59-1 0.628 8 2 1
Saints 100-60 0.625 6 0 0

Source: Pro Football Reference

The Patriots were never not in contention during the last decade. Their list of records from the 2010s (some even dating back before the decade began) is staggering:

11 consecutive division titles
8 straight AFC Championship Games

Double-digit wins for 17 straight seasons. The only time in that span that they didn’t win the division was 2008, when they won 11 games despite Tom Brady missing the entire season.

13 seasons of 12 wins or more, tied with the 49ers for the most seasons since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970. And all 13 of those seasons came in the last 17 years, including nine this decade. Last season, the Patriots slacked and only won 11 games, then made up for their transgression by winning the Super Bowl.

125 regular-season wins in the 2010s, the third-most in any 10-year period in NFL history. They only trail other Patriots teams, from 2003-12 and from 2007-16.

That’s a lot of records, and that doesn’t even include their Super Bowl prowess. If it feels like the Patriots are inevitable, it’s because they are, and have been.

In the Super Bowl era, only 1967-76 Raiders have had a higher winning percentage over a 10-year stretch than the Brady-Belichick Patriots.

Best 10-year winning percentage, NFL history

Team Years W L T Win %
Raiders 1967-76 108 25 7 0.796
Patriots 2003-12 126 34 0 0.788
Patriots 2007-16 126 34 0 0.788
Raiders 1968-77 106 27 7 0.782
Patriots 2010-19 125 35 0 0.781
Patriots 2004-13 124 36 0 0.775
Patriots 2006-15 124 36 0 0.775
49ers 1989-98 123 37 0 0.769
Patriots 2002-11 123 37 0 0.769
Patriots 2008-17 123 37 0 0.769
Patriots 2009-18 123 37 0 0.769

Source: Pro Football Reference

The Browns 84.9 percent of their games from during Otto Graham’s 10-year career, but the first four years of that span (1946-49) were in the AAFC, before Cleveland joined the NFL.

The Browns’ best 10-year NFL winning percentage was .742 (1950-59), worse than 10 different 10-year runs by the Belichick-Brady Patriots.

Home, sweet home
Getting the bye week has been a big factor in New England’s postseason success. It not only pushes the Patriots through to the Divisional Round, but it gives them at least one home game, usually in the frigid cold.

The Belichick-Brady Patriots were dominant at home during the 2010s, going 69-11 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough during the regular season. They were 6-2 this season, with their two losses coming in their final three games in New England.

A Week 14 loss to the Chiefs snapped a string of 21 straight home wins by the Patriots that included the postseason, tied for the third-longest streak in NFL history. (They tied the 2002-05 Patriots. This is not a new development for New England).

UP NEXT: Patriots players turn the page ahead of Wild Card weekend

Week 17 may not have gone the way the Patriots were hoping, but despite a loss to the Dolphins, the Patriots are headed to the playoffs. Next week, the team will host the Titans in the first round of the playoffs, and after Sunday’s game, Patriots players were focused on the next challenge.

They made it clear they would learn from the Dolphins game, and making the playoffs is not something they take for granted. With clarity and motivation, the guys have set the tone for the next week.

Here is what they had to say after the game.

James White

“We are still in the playoffs, and everything we want is still in front of us.”

Matthew Slater

“We have to do everything in our power to recover and prepare and be excited about our opportunity. Let’s not mope around and feel sorry for ourselves, we are in the playoffs. Our team has worked hard, and we should be appreciative of where we are.”

Elandon Roberts

“It is a blessing to be in this position, and we will just come back and work tomorrow.”

Devin McCourty

“We’ve got to dig deep this week. We’ve got to look ourselves in the mirror and get ready to go.”

“Each team has their own journey, and this is our journey to go out there next week, Wild Card weekend and have an opportunity to continue to play.”

The Patriots take on the Titans in Foxborough on Saturday, Jan. 4 at 8:15 p.m.

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