Profoundly Anticipated, Steven Universe Movie- The Movie Airs Tonight
Profoundly Anticipated, Steven Universe Movie- The Movie Airs Tonight

Profoundly Anticipated, Steven Universe Movie: The Movie Airs Tonight

Steven Universe: The Movie has been profoundly foreseen since it’s declaration in 2018 at Comic-Con and today it at long last is over as it finally released!

The show has been viewed as a clique great among the LGBTQ+ people group for its portrayal of sexual orientation rebelliousness. Driven by swinger nonbinary maker Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe has been a staple in many eccentric hearts for as long as six years.

The show has had more than 150 scenes up until now, yet fortunately watchers don’t need to see them to comprehend the film.

Steven Universe: The Movie (2019) – Official Trailer |

“My expectation is that in the event that you were going in with no learning of the show, it would be a compressed lesson, yet on the off chance that you went in as an aficionado of the show, it would be only a festival of everything we’ve experienced together — that it would have some additional weight,” Sugar disclosed to TV Line of the film. For the individuals who have no information of the arrangement, a short explainer toward the start of the film will demonstrate essential.

The venture is set two years after the occasions of season 5. We locate the main character Steven Universe, presently age 16, feeling as though his inconveniences are finished. This inclination reaches an end as another reprobate tries to attack Beach City, the anecdotal city where Universe lives. It’s up to Universe and the Crystal Gems to battle this, in what is being talked up as the show’s darkest experience ever.

Profoundly Anticipated, Steven Universe Movie- The Movie Airs Tonight
Profoundly Anticipated, Steven Universe Movie- The Movie Airs Tonight

Sugar additionally revealed to TVLine that the all out melodic film “isn’t the end” of the arrangement. “There is more,” she said.”That’s everything I can say right now, however there will be more, and everything that occurred so far will keep on making a difference in obvious Steven Universe design.” The film highlights 38 tunes.

The show has earned numerous honors. In 2018, it was given a Peabody Award for kids’ customizing, with the Peabody Board taking note of that the show’s portrayal of sympathy as “maybe the most significant superpower” is “something our true human culture needs now like never before.” This additional to five Emmy designations. Each season has gotten 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

How to Watch Steven Universe: the Movie For FREE, LEGALLY! (USA Only)

About The Steven Universe Movie

The Movie is a 2019 American animated musical television film based on the animated television series Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. The film is directed, co-written, produced and executive produced by Sugar and fellow longtime crew members Kat Morris and Joe Johnston, and stars Zach Callison, Estelle, Michaela Dietz, and Deedee Magno Hall, alongside an ensemble cast reprising their roles from the television series.

Steven Universe: The Movie takes place two years after the events of the season 5 finale “Change Your Mind”, and follows the Crystal Gems as they attempt to save all organic life on Earth from a mysterious new Gem.

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The film was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, and a short teaser trailer was later released on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel. At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, a trailer for the film was released, along with the announcement of a documentary based on the film’s creation to be released along with the DVD. The film will release on Cartoon Network on September 2, 2019


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