Home Technology Keywords Everywhere tool is now a Paid Browser Extension

Keywords Everywhere tool is now a Paid Browser Extension

Keywords Everywhere tool is now a Paid Browser Extension

Keywords Everywhere tool is now a Paid Browser Extension

On October 1, keyword research browser add-on Keywords Everywhere moved from a free after four years  to a pay-as-you-go model, the developer announced on September 25.

The new (low-cost) model. The payment plan will cost $1 for 10,000 credits of keyword data. “Basically, every time you see the volume for one keyword, one credit is used up,” Kevin, the mononymous operator of Keywords Everywhere, told Search Engine Land.

“So, for a Google search where you see 20 related keywords and 50 people also ask for keywords, 1 (main query) + 20 + 50 = 71 credits will be used up.”

This should end up costing most users less than $2 per month, according to the announcement.

Why start charging now? The move to a paid model was necessitated by an increase in bot activity. Kevin said the deluge of bots forced him to disable the Import Keywords and Analyze Page features as well as “constantly upgrade hardware in order to keep the software functional for our real users.”

Keywords Everywhere said it will use the funds to add support for other countries, build additional features and reintroduce features blocked due to bot-related activity.

What about existing users? On October 1, the browser add-on will stop retrieving volume, CPC and competition data for all keywords; however, “related” keywords and “people also ask for” keywords will still be shown. Users will have to purchase account credit to gain access to volume, CPC and competition data.

Why we should care. You or your team members may be using Keywords Everywhere to evaluate the competition, CPC, search volume and alternative keywords. If you’re a user, be prepared to dedicate a thin slice of your tools budget to the browser add-on starting next month.

Keywords Everywhere tool is now a Paid Browser Extension
Keywords Everywhere tool is now a Paid Browser Extension

See Keywords Everywhere tool Full Press Statement below

Keywords Everywhere will be a paid browser extension from Oct 1st 2019.

The Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension & Firefox add-on are going paid starting Oct 1, 2019 after being free for four years.

In late 2015, we created Keywords Everywhere with the idea of providing value to thousands of users by being a browser extension that gives you keywords data exactly where you need it the most.

Over the last 4 years, Keywords Everywhere has been completely free software used by more than a million users.

Unfortunately, a year ago, we started noticing bot activity where automated scripts were querying our API to get data for keywords. The number of calls made by bots soon far surpassed the number of calls made by real users, and for a year have been forcing us to constantly upgrade hardware in order to keep the software functional for our real users.

We have had to disable certain functionality like the Import Keywords & Analyze Page features. We have tried everything to mitigate bot activity such as blocking accounts, blocking IP addresses and IP ranges among other approaches. For a small set of users we tested implementing Google Recaptcha (and other recaptcha solutions), but this did not work well at all.

We spend a lot of time managing servers and issues because of the bot activity. The bots are always a few steps ahead and end up creating thousands of API keys and there is no way for us to control API usage. By making Keywords Everywhere a paid tool, all bot activity will cease immediately.

The only other option would have been to shut it down.

We are doing this to avoid having to shut down the extension completely. We hope you will continue to support us during this transition time.

We are keeping the price point as low as possible. There will be no monthly recurring plans. Keywords Everywhere will only have pay as you go plans. The credit based payment plan will cost just $1 for 10,000 keywords data. For most users the cost per month would be less than $2

With the funds we will also be able to add support for other countries, and build additional features. We have also recently brought back features that we had to previously block such as import keywords & analyze pages, all which we blocked because they were used extensively by bots.

On 1st Oct 2019, the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension and Firefox add-on will stop automatically retrieving volume, CPC and competition data for all keywords. It will continue showing you the “related” keywords, and the “people also ask for” keywords in the widgets on the right hand side of google. To see the metrics, you will need to purchase credits for your account.

If you have any questions, please email us directly at kevin@keywordseverywhere.com.

Thank you!

Team Keywords Everywhere

How credits will work in the new Keywords Everywhere

A few days back, we announced that Keywords Everywhere would be going paid on 1st Oct 2019. Since then we’ve received hundreds of emails asking for details on how the credits will work. Here we hope to answer all of your questions.

When can I buy credits?
Starting 1st Oct, the tool will go from free to paid for a small set of users. We will initially start with a set of users, and then over the course of a week roll this out to everyone.

When the tool becomes paid for you, you will stop seeing the volume data for all keywords. When you click the “K” icon at the top right of your browser, in the menu at the bottom, you will see a link called “Purchase Credits”. Clicking this will take you to a page where you can purchase credits. Note that you will not be able to purchase credits unless the tool has gone paid for you. You can, however continue using it as always while the tool is still free for you.

What modes of payment do you currently accept?
Our payments are managed by FastSpring. You can pay using your credit/debit card or with PayPal.

How do credits work?
Every time the extension gets volume data for a single keyword, one credit will be used up. A credit will be used up irrespective of whether the keyword has any search volume.

  • On websites such as YouTube, Amazon etc where you enter only a single keyword, and see the volume under the search bar, only one credit will be used.
  • On google.com, where you see the Related & People also ask for widgets, one credit will be used for the main search query, and one credit for every keyword shown in these widgets. As an example, when you do a search, and you see 8 keywords in the Related widget and 20 keywords in the PASF widget, you will be charged 1 (original query) + 8 + 20 = 29 credits.
  • For websites like Google Search Console, it depends on how many keywords are shown on the page. If you see 500 keywords on the page, then 500 credits will be used
  • When volume data is shown in search suggestions, e.g. Google AutoComplete, as many credits will be used up as the number of keywords shown in the suggestion dropdown. This can be disabled in the settings page by disabling the “Show metrics for search suggestions” checkbox.
  • The credits used by Import Keywords feature is simple – you use up only as many credits as the number of keywords you’ve entered
  • The Analyze Page feature will use as many credits as the total number of keywords found on the page. Note that depending on the content you are analyzing this can use up a Lot of credits very quickly.
  • Every time you see the keywords in your “My Keywords” page, the software gets the latest volume data. In this case, we charge only 1/4 of the total number of keywords shown on the page. For e.g. if you see 20 keywords on the page, then we only deduct 5 credits from your account. This is done so as to stop potential abuse of the “My Keywords” section, since the latest data is always fetched.

How do I know how many credits to purchase?
You can see the total number of keywords you’ve gotten data for in the last month and base your buying decision on this.

To see this data, click the “K” icon at the top right of your browser, and then select “Stats”. On this page, click the tab “Last Month”. At the top, you will see the total Keywords in this period. You will need these many credits per month of usage. We’ve analyzed data used by all of Keywords Everywhere’s users, and most users get data for less than 20,000 keywords every month. This translates into usage cost of less than $2/mo.

How can I save credits when I am not doing keyword research?
While the extension is enabled, it will continuously use up credits based on your usage. A quick way to stop this is to disable the extension by clicking on the “K” icon, and then clicking “off” at the top of the menu. When the extension is disabled in this fashion, no API calls are made and therefore no credits are used up.

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That said, most users have a low enough usage of credits that it might not make sense doing enabling and disabling the extension.

I have more questions. What do I do?
If you have any questions we have not answered here, then please email us directly at kevin@keywordseverywhere.com.


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