Google's head lawyer supposedly cheated on wife with plenty employees — against Google's very own code
Google's head lawyer supposedly cheated on wife with plenty employees — against Google's very own code

Google’s head lawyer supposedly cheated on wife with plenty employees — against Google’s very own code

Google’s boss lawful official David Drummond engaged in extramarital relations with previous Google Lawyer Jennifer Blakely that brought about an infant conceived in 2007, Blakely writes on Medium, TheVerge reports

The relationship abused Google’s approaches which boycott connections among chiefs and their subordinates. From that point onward, Blakely says Drummond surrendered the relationship, put her through a legitimate wringer for tyke support, and occupied with treatment that Blakely depicts as “out and out maltreatment.”

In a press statement to BuzzFeed News today, Drummond doesn’t preclude most from claiming Blakely’s cases. Aside from one explicit allegation, he essentially says that “I take an altogether different view about what occurred” and that he “won’t get into an open forward and backward about these individual issues.”

At the point when the undertaking started, Drummond was hitched, Blakely says. He was additionally “very much aware that our relationship was infringing upon Google’s new arrangement which went from ‘disheartening’ direct-detailing line connections to out and out forbidding them,” Blakely composes. After their child was conceived, Google’s HR office told Drummond and Blakely that one of them would need to leave the lawful office. Blakely moved to deals, despite the fact that she had no business experience. She inevitably quit Google, after Drummond “offered to enable us to out monetarily on a month to month premise,” she composes.

Google's head lawyer supposedly cheated on wife with plenty employees — against Google's very own code
Google’s head lawyer supposedly cheated on wife with plenty employees — against Google’s very own code

Blakely first depicted her undertaking with Drummond in a 2018 New York Times article, which concentrated on an immense payout from Google to Andy Rubin, the “father of Android,” who stood blamed for sexual wrongdoing by another worker. In her new Medium post, Blakely says “glaring womanizing and philandering” was typical among some Google officials, a charge which has been accounted for about Google higher-ups like Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin, and Andy Rubin in different ways for a considerable length of time.

Blakely says her association with Drummond finished after she left a supper with Google workers to think about her wiped out child. She composes that she over and again called Drummond, at that point messaged him to ask when he would get back home. As indicated by Blakely, he reacted, “Don’t expect me back. I’m failing to come back.” Google’s partner general guidance, Chris Chin, revealed to Blakely that Drummond had gone to San Francisco with two other ladies who worked in Google’s legitimate division that night, she writes in the Medium post.

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From that point forward, Blakely composes, Drummond started an undertaking with one of those ladies, and another with an individual right hand. Yet, the possibility that official undertakings were adequate conduct at Google originated from the top, Blakely says:

Once in the mid year of 2014, David approached visit our child and we got into a contention about his single direction terms for seeing him at my home whenever it might suit him, particularly when he had his own house(s) squares away. He took a seat at our kitchen table and, utilizing my PC, he pulled up a year-old article from the Daily Mail about Eric Schmidt’s philandering way of life. He at that point ignored the PC to me to peruse.

I was so confounded! I was very much aware of Eric’s way of life, David was considerably progressively mindful, however none of it was news, we’d discussed it for quite a long time. David disclosed to me how Eric’s “own life” was, fundamentally, his benefit. The article was obviously a suggestion to me of how things functioned: David was (and is) a ground-breaking official. His “own life” (which obviously did exclude his child) was untouchable and since I was never again his “own life” it was the ideal opportunity for me to quiet down, fall in line and quit pestering him with the irritations or requests of bringing up a tyke.

“Other than Jennifer, I never began an association with any other individual who was working at Google or Alphabet,” Drummond says, as indicated by BuzzFeed. “Any recommendation generally is basically false.”

As per Blakely, Drummond would not pay youngster support now and again and furthermore went extended lengths without seeing his kid. “Her record raises numerous cases about us and other individuals, including our child and my previous spouse,” Drummond stated, as indicated by Buzzfeed.

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Blakely’s tale about Drummond and Google’s way of life isn’t abnormal for the organization. In October 2018, Google said that 48 individuals had been terminated for lewd behavior in the past two years. Google’s workers have challenged the treatment of lewd behavior at the organization, notwithstanding leaving November first, 2018. From that point forward, one of the representatives who composed the walkout quit Google, asserting that the organization had fought back against her.

Google declined to respond to inquiries regarding the claims, including whether Drummond disregarded organization arrangement. Blakely has not reacted to demands for input.



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