Home Health Health: Every Vagina Has Odour (A MUST READ)

Health: Every Vagina Has Odour (A MUST READ)

Every Vagina Has Odour
Every Vagina Has Odour

Health: Every Vagina Has odour (A MUST READ)

Vaginas are pretty amazing when you think about it. They shuttle new life into the world and bring us pleasure during s3x.

The Everycare Clinical Team is poised to clear up some of the most pervasive myths surrounding vaginal odour and drop some knowledge.

Myth1: Healthy Vaginas Don’t Smell

False: All genitals have a light natural odour – but the vagina can smell stronger at certain times of the month due to hormonal fluctuations, during pregnancy, or after s3x. Because of the high concentration of sweat glands in the genital area, they may also produce a ‘sweaty odour’.

Myth2: All Vaginas Smell Like Fish.

False: Some women have heard references to vaginas smelling like fish so often that they have begun to believe that that is the way a normal vagina should smell. This is not correct. A healthy vagina should not smell fishy.

Myth3: Vaginal Odor Is Generally Caused By an unbalanced vaginal pH

True: When vaginal pH becomes unbalanced, odor-causing microorganisms are more likely to flourish causing vaginal odor. This is usually the cause of odor, not improper cleaning.

Myth4: Having Discharge Means There’s A Problem Down There.

False: Discharge is perfectly normal and is your vagina’s way of staying clean. Discharge is the shedding of the cells of the vagina.

Discharge that’s green, milky grey, frothy, or cottage cheese-like in consistency—all signs that point to a vaginal infection that needs to be evaluated.

Myth5: The Only Way To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor Is To Use Soaps Or Washes.

False: Soaps and washes are meant to be used externally ONLY, so they should NEVER be used internally at the source of vaginal odor.

Every Vagina Has Odour
Every Vagina Has Odour

Myth6: Sex Can Lead To Vaginal Odor

True. The pH level of semen is higher than a normal vaginal pH. As you’ll recall, a healthy vaginal pH is in the 3.5 to 4.5 range, whereas semen falls between 7.1 and 8. S3x can cause this healthy vaginal pH to become unbalanced, resulting in vaginal odor.

Myth7: Vaginal Odor Is Usually A Result Of Improper Cleaning

FALSE. Many of us have come across women telling other women that vaginal odor is due to their lack of hygiene. This is not accurate. vaginal odor is usually a result of imbalanced vaginal pH, NOT merely improper cleaning.

If you find your vagina smellier than usual, Consult your gynecologist, as the problem probably requires more than a drugstore product.

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