Home Health Edinburgh gets new Personal injury law firm

Edinburgh gets new Personal injury law firm

Edinburgh gets news Personal injury law firm
Edinburgh gets news Personal injury law firm

Edinburgh gets new Personal injury law firm

Friends Legal selects personal injury law expert Val Roberts to head new office

Personal injury law practice firm Friends Legal has extended with the opening of another Edinburgh office.

The Edinburgh group, to be situated in Leith’s Bonnington Bond, will be driven by head of office Val Roberts, outstanding personal injury law expert.

She acquires experience high-esteem complex cases including deadly mishaps and cataclysmic wounds to the firm.

Roberts will likewise lead the new Eye Injury Negligence group, one of the UK’s just master groups in a quickly developing region of prosecution.

It is a zone wherein she has individual experience – in 2018 Roberts experienced focal point trade medical procedure with a huge High Street optical chain.

Her poor result and consequent visual issues prompted an enthusiasm for the elective refractive medical procedure industry.

She found that numerous individuals profoundly lamented medical procedure, having been left to battle with significant issues affecting on their work, connections and emotional wellness issues.

Subsequently, she presently speaks to numerous customers whose lives have been scourged by laser eye medical procedure or focal point substitution medical procedure.

Roberts said “My customers value the reality I can see a lot of what they are experiencing because of my own understanding and are consoled by the learning I have amassed and my energy to battle for them.”

Why is having a personal injury lawyer important?

She has been speaking to casualties of mishaps, mechanical infection and clinical carelessness since 1993, and has acted in numerous genuine seaward cases.

Roberts has worked at various understood firms and has involvement in remote wards with settlements of mishap cases including Europe and the US.

She has showed up in most sheriff courts in Scotland and has a broad Court of Session practice.

She stated: “I’m charmed to join Friends Legal at such an energizing time. It’s a moderately new law office that does things another way, treats staff well and is centered around incredible customer results.”

Overseeing accomplice Tony O’Malley included: “I’m enchanted Val and her group have joined Friends Legal.

“She has huge specialized learning, interfaces with customers and fits in consummately with our ethos to make the law increasingly available and reasonable.

Edinburgh gets news Personal injury law firm
Edinburgh gets new Personal injury law firm (Edinburgh head of office Val Roberts with Managing partner Tony O’Malley)

“The firm is now solid in the engine showcase, however Val’s eye-damage skill and contacts will likewise enable us to set up a solid notoriety in a specialty advertise generally rapidly.”

Friends Legal is one of Scotland’s quickest developing petitioner personal injury solicitors, representing a portion of the UK’s biggest insurance companies.

Cases development has multiplied over the most recent two years through contract wins and innovative digital marketing strategies.

Year-on-year turnover has expanded by over 60%.

The firm works adaptable working and a lasting dress-down strategy.

What is a Personal injury lawyer:

A personal injury lawyer is a legal counselor who gives lawful administrations to the individuals who case to have been harmed, physically or mentally, because of the carelessness of someone else, organization, government office or any element.

Individual damage attorneys basically practice in the zone of law known as tort law. Instances of basic individual damage cases incorporate wounds from slip and fall mishaps, car accidents, deficient items, work environment wounds and expert negligence.

Michael Flynn’s Lawyers Escalate Attacks on Prosecutors

The expression “preliminary legal advisors” is utilized to allude to personal injury lawyers, despite the fact that numerous different kinds of legal counselors, including resistance legal advisors and criminal examiners additionally show up in preliminaries and despite the fact that most personal injury cases are settled without going to preliminary.


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